Asmaa Movie – Dollar Film Walid Kurdi

Asmaa Movie - Dollar Dilm Walid Al Kurdi

Asmaa Movie – Dollar film Walid Al Kurdi

Director: Amr Salama
Writer: Amr Salama
Stars:  Hend Sabri
Maged El Kedwani
Hani Adel
Ahmed Kamal

synopsis:Asmaa (Hend Sabri)Asmaa tells the story of one HIV positive woman who has been living in secrecy and shame, hiding the truth about her disease from not only her neighbors and co-workers, but her very own daughter that she has raised alone since the death of her husband. For months, she has suffered from successive colic bladder stones, a case that can be treated with simple surgery. Yet because of her HIV positive status, no doctor has been willing to carry out the procedure; some out of ignorance and fear and others due to society’s misconception of HIV positive people as immoral sinners. With a ticking clock, her chance arrives when she is offered a spot on a famous TV talk show presented by Mohsen El Sisi; one of the Arab world’s leading TV personalities. The only catch is that she must show her face and expose her identity; something no HIV positive person dared do in Egypt up until that moment. With only hours to decide, Asmaa must choose between exposing her secret or continue to suffer in silence; ultimately a choice between social and psychological suicide or a slow physical death.

Asmaa Movie Official Trailer – Dollar Film Walid kurdi